Homemade Club Sandwich

You don’t need to wait until you go to a cafe to have a club sandwich (because lets face it, we never get to go to a cafe long enough to enjoy a full lunch anyway) you can make one at home that is packed full of flavour thanks to D’Orsogna’s new Flame Roasted Sweet Honey Mustard Ham available from the fridge section of your local Woolworths.


1 Pkt D’Orsogna Flame Roasted Sweet Honey Mustard Ham
6 Slices Bread, toasted
Dijon Mustard
4 Slices Cheese
1 Tomato, sliced
2 Eggs, fried
Lettuce mix
Spreadable butter
Serve with potato chips


  1. Toast the bread. Spread the inner sides with butter.
  2. On the bottom layer spread a thin layer of dijon mustard, top with two slices of D’Orsogna Flame Roasted Sweet Honey Mustard ham, 2 slices of cheese and tomato.  Drizzle mayonnaise on to the middle layer toast and place it mayonnaise side down onto the tomato.
  3. On the next layer place a cooked egg, lettuce mix and more mayonnaise, place the last piece of toast on top.
  4. You can use toothpicks to secure the stack and then cut in half and if you like into quarters.
  5. Serve with potato chips.

The ingredients listed is enough to make two club sandwiches.

This is a sponsored post for D’Orsogna. Find more recipes like this one visit the D’Orsogna Website , D’Orsogna Facebook Page   and D’Orsogna Instagram Page.

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