Making Dump Bags for the Slow Cooker

In an attempt to make my Monday to Friday easier when it comes to dinner I have been making one or two dump bags on the weekend so that at least a couple of meals are prepared and ready to be “dumped” into the slow cooker before I leave for work.

The reason I think this is a such a great idea is that when I go food shopping on a Friday, the meat only has about fours days on it’s use by date.  This means I would have to a: use it within the fours days, b: freeze it, c: go shopping on another day so that my meat is fresh to use.

So with the option of b freezing it being the one I normally do I decided that instead of just freezing the meat I would freeze a majority of the ingredients needed for my favourite slow cooker dinners so that all I have to do is defrost over night and “dump” into the slow cooker in the morning adding any additional ingredients like stock that I didn’t freeze.

I like to use the zip lock bags from Ikea as they are thick and durable which is perfect for freezing meat.

These dump bags can be frozen for up to three months.  Make sure to squeeze out excess air when sealing.

See the video below for an explanation and more of a visual of what I do.

And this one I did a little while ago.

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