Meal Plan Monday #11

On this weeks meal plan I am experimenting with a new recipe and then including lots of warm hearty meals that will also give us enough for leftovers.

Reminder I work Friday to Thursday as I do my grocery shopping on a Friday.

MONDAY – Tahini Chicken – this is a new recipe.  If it works out I will share it next week.

TUESDAY – I am using the leftover roast pork from Sunday night and chopping it up, adding it to a jar of sweet and sour sauce and serving with steamed rice and vegetables.

WEDNESDAY – I am popping the slow cooker on before work with a roast beef

THURSDAY – There will be leftovers from the previous nights that we will eat so that nothing goes to waste.

FRIDAY- Takeaway night.  The night off after a busy week.

SATURDAY – Our steak and sausages were meant to be cooked on the BBQ but we had no gas.  So I cooked it inside and served with baked broccoli and potato gems.

SUNDAY – Roast Pork in the Pressure Cooker

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