Monday Meal Plan #10

Here’s what we are eating for dinners this week.

Get a month of dinners here in a pdf with one click to each recipe.

MONDAY – Avgolemono – I grew up with my mum making this regularly during Winter, it has a lovely lemon tang.

TUESDAY – Keeping Mr 8 happy with his favourite meal of Ravioli in a Homemade Vegetable Sauce

WEDNESDAY – I have some chicken tenders in the freezer that I will bake and then wrap in a tortilla with salad.

THURSDAY – Leftovers – There will be plenty of soup leftover to eat.

FRIDAY – Both hubby’s and my busiest night of the week so it’s a night off cooking.

SATURDAY – Homemade Pizza

SUNDAY – A Sunday staple – Roast Chicken to end the weekend. Served with mashed potato, vegetables and gravy.

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